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Types of Farm Fencing and What They’re Used For

farm fence

Most farm and ranch owners favour some type of wire fencing for containing their animals and protecting their crops, as it’s both affordable and effective.

To help you determine which type of wire farm fencing is right for your property, here’s an overview of the various types. FIELD FENCING Sheep, goats, pigs and poultry are a challenge to contain, as they can climb through and dig under many types of fences. A field fence, also known as a woven wire fence, tends to be the best option for safeguarding these animals. It’s also effective at containing cattle and horses. Field fences are robust, as they’re made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel. They’re also highly versatile and can be electrified or fitted with barbed wire as needed. For example, you can electrify or barb a ground-level wire strand to prevent hogs or sheep from digging under the fence. There are a couple different types of field fences, including:

  • Hinge knot field fences. These field fences are reinforced at each wire intersection, with the vertical wires wrapping around the horizontal ones. They offer superior strength to a welded wire fence.

  • Fixed knot field fences. These field fences are reinforced at each wire intersection both horizontally and vertically. They differ from hinge knot fences in that there’s no risk of the horizontal wires sliding should an animal try to climb the fence.

BARBED WIRE FENCING Barbed wire is highly effective at containing docile livestock like cattle. Barbed wire fences work through aversion: animals stay away from the fence, as they learn that it causes painful pricks. However, you shouldn’t use barbed wire fences to contain animals like horses, who are at risk of running into the fence and suffering serious injurious. Moreover, barbed wire by itself can easily be broached by large, aggressive animals. HIGH TENSILE WIRE FENCING High tensile wire fences are made with extremely robust, high-tension wires that can’t be stretched. This prevents animals from climbing through them and prevents them from being damaged from falling trees. While high-tension wire is more expensive than traditional galvanized wire, it has a longer lifespan (up to 50 years), and high tensile fences may require fewer posts, as wider spacing is possible. Fencing Contractors in Western Canada Lynx Brand Fence Products offers a wide range of farm, ranch and game fences. Talk with our knowledgeable team to find out which fence type is right for your property. We serve farms and ranches in and around Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna and across Western Canada. Contact us today for more information about our fencing products and our installation services.


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