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Automatic Gates for Residential Homes in  Kelowna

Since 1996, Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc has provided homeowners with the highest quality automated gates in Kelowna. Our team takes pride in following the best practices in design, installation, and maintenance. We offer you the most reliable products, proven to endure in our climate conditions. If you’re looking to add more privacy to your home in Kelowna, consider installing an automatic residential gate. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.

Our Products Create Lasting Value for You

At Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc, our automated gate professional consultants are committed to helping you find the perfect gate system to fit your vision and your budget.
We stand behind the concepts of integrity, quality, reputation, and value.

Integrity: Honest, trustworthy, reliable

Quality: In materials and craftsmanship

Reputation: Service to our clients

Value: Striving to meet and exceed your expectations

Why Buy Gate Automation Systems From Us?

We offer the longest warranty available on our equipment and fabricated products

We consider your neighbourhood and the architecture of your property in offering your diverse options for design

Our commitment to product knowledge allows our consultants to recommend the access control equipment that better suits your security requirements

There’s no detail too small when we plan your gate system; its beauty and functionality are our highest priority

Premier Automatic Gate Brands

To ensure the quality, durability and reliability of your automated gate system, Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc has researched proven brands, such as Linear and LiftMaster, that we know will offer you enduring value. Our experience has shown that these brands work for our clients. Some of our most popular automatic gate systems are:

From Linear Gate Openers

Linear/ GTO 3000 & 3200 XLS Single and Dual Swing Gate System

Linear SWR Single or Dual Gate Swing Gate System

Linear SLC Single Slide Gate System

From Liftmaster (Solar*)

LiftMaster Solar LA412PKGU Single and Dual Swing Gate System

LiftMaster LA512PKGU Single and Dual Swing Gate System

LiftMaster RSW12U Single and Dual Swing Gate System

Privacy Inserts

Change the look of your fence by adding privacy (inserts) slats. Privacy slats are extruded high-density polyethylene containing UV inhibitors and colour pigments specifically designed to retard the harmful effects of the sun and lengthen the life of the product. These inserts come with a 25-year warranty.


Privacy inserts are available in a variety of heights (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 feet). Colour options include white, green, brown, black, beige, grey, redwood, royal blue, and light blue.


Other options include:

Finlink - with 90% privacy it's a unique three-winged slat offering more privacy

Bottom-Lock - with 75% privacy, this is the most popular tubular slat

Light Link - with 75% privacy, this is an economical alternative

Read more on the PDS® privacy inserts that can be added to your products from Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc.


We can now offer the installation of pillars with our gate systems. Please contact us to request a quote.


Better Home Security With Automatic Gate

Protect your home better with our gate automation systems and privacy inserts in Kelowna.

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