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Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fences in Kelowna

When you need a security barrier that does not interrupt your view of your landscaping or pool, consider vinyl-coated chain link fence from Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc in Kelowna. These beautiful, contemporary fences come in a variety of colours to coordinate with your landscape – and are still tough enough to secure your property, even in extreme weather conditions. Homeowners find our vinyl-coated chain link fences ideal to use as pool fences preventing unsupervised access to their pools which still maintain an attractive view of the pool and its landscaping. These are an increasingly popular alternative to simple galvanized chain link fencing.


If you are interested in adding colours to your security fence, do not wait for more, contact our professionals who can guide you with options.

What Are Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fences?

Vinyl-coated chain link fencing or vinyl ‘mesh’ fence is made from rust-proof polyvinyl compounds added over a metal. Unlike many traditional fencing materials, you will never have to paint a vinyl-coated chain link fence and it will neither rust nor rot.

Vinyl coated chain link fence comes in many sizes and is available from Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc in green, white, brown, and black. The matching powder-coated framework is a growing trend that adds to the curb appeal of your vinyl-coated chain link fence. Call us today to discuss how a vinyl-coated chain link pool fence in Kelowna can help enhance your property.

Benefits of Vinyl Coated Fence

Vinyl coated chain link fencing is a modern upgrade to the traditional chain link fences that you see around. Each wire is coated with a soft yet durable vinyl that protects the fence metal and any person/object that comes into contact with the fence. Some additional benfits are:


  • Barb- free and safe to touch as vinyl acts as a finish, and it won’t let the chain linking snag clothing, skin, or packaging when touched.

  • It does not rust over time

  • High visibility with vivid non-metallic colours

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Cost-effective security solutions

  • Highly durable and last about 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance

  • Ideal for defining human spaces

  • Easy to wash with a hose sprayer

So, if you are preparing for a new fence installation or repairing a vinyl chain link fence, get a quote today!

Why Should You Install a Fence Around the Pool Area?

Pools are a wonderful source of excursion, fun, exercise, relaxation, entertainment and family bonding time. But they also represent a hazard for people if you have a small child or pet at your side. Whether you have an in-ground or an above-ground pool area, you need to consider a vinyl fence around it to eliminate the risks of falls and accidents on your property. Here are some of the reasons why you should install a pool fence:


Safety: Fencing around your pool area provides an extra safety precaution against accidents of your children, pets and even you.


Legal requirements: Cases of drowning are reported every year. So most of the neighbourhoods have now made it a requirement to have a pool fence in backyard swimming pools so that access and safety risks are reduced.


Insurance requirements: Mishap can occur anytime. So to claim liability coverage, many insurers have now made it mandatory for people to confirm that all safety requirements have been met if they are considering the installation of a swimming pool in their backyard.


Privacy: Fencing around your pool area will ensure more privacy for you and your family in an enclosed area.


If you are interested in our durable fencing solutions, check out our gallery to explore some options.



Enjoy the View With Security

Keep your pool protected without interrupting your view with our vinyl-coated fencing.

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