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Maintenance Free Gate and Cantilever Gate Providers in Kelowna

At Lynx Brand Fence Products, our team can help you identify the security needs of your home and customize your access control and gate automation systems to meet those needs. Lynx Brand Fence Products works mainly with the LiftMaster and Linear products to ensure the customer is receiving reliable and long-lasting automatic gates in Kelowna, based on the application of the gate system. We hold ourselves to the UL325 standards of all gate automation to ensure the safe use of our gate automation installation.


If you’re looking to install a maintenance-free cantilever gate in Kelowna, call our team today!

What We Offer

We are happy to offer the following gate automation systems at our Kelowna location:


LiftMaster SL585U Slide Gate System

LiftMaster SL595U Slide Gate System


Linear HSLG Slide Gate System

Linear VS-GSLG Slide Gate System

Linear SWG Single and Dual Gate System

Linear VS-GSWG Single and Dual Gate System

We also offer products from the following manufacturers:



Access Control

We can provide gate access control systems ranging from keypads, free exit devices, and fully integrated access control systems used with either card or pin code access. Our systems are designed to be simple enough for new users or advanced for more intercut applications. Access points can be installed on single or dual goosenecks to allow both small and large vehicle access. Our products include:



Access Control

E3 emerge Gate Access Control System

All our access control systems include a 1-hour training session to show the basics of how our system works and how to program the system.

What Are Cantilever Gates?

These are gates that slide across using a ‘cantilever’ system in which the gate is suspended in the air using two mounting posts. As these gates are hanging above the ground, they need strong support that withstands different weather conditions. It's critical that they're built properly to avoid falling down. Cantilever gates also have diagonal bracing that is placed strategically to protect the gate from falling or sagging. Some advantages of installing cantilever gates are:

They require less maintenance.

They are budget-friendly.

They are great space-savers and use the existing space efficiently.

These gates can be installed over water, gravel and grass.

They are high-quality

Contact us to book your durable and stylish cantilever gate today!

Preventative Maintenance

Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc knows that security is critical on residential properties and offers a preventative maintenance program to inspect proactively and correct issues before they present safety and security problems to your home. We hold preventative maintenance contracts with some of Western Canada’s top trucking and commercial yard owners and have shown our preventive maintenance program is of lasting value to our clients. 


Please get in touch with our team to arrange for the installation and maintenance of your gate automation system.

The Benefits of Automated Gates

An increasing number of homeowners are turning to our automatic gates to protect their family and their possessions. Our maintenance-free gates offer homeowners complete control over their security, making them a convenient and innovative way to guard their property. Not to mention that these gates come with countless designs to complement homes of all types. Some benefits of installing automated gates include:


Privacy: We understand that when it comes to your home, privacy is essential. Automated gates give you complete control over your privacy, making you in charge of who enters your residential property.


Safety: Automated gates offer a variety of specifications for homeowners to control who exits and enters their homes. For instance, when you control the opening of your doors with remote access, your pets won't be able to leave your home premises.


Versatility: As we've mentioned above, our automated gates come in numerous styles that we customize to meet your requirements. You can make your own decisions regarding height, size, style, colours, and more.


Convenience: Perhaps, is one of the most crucial benefits that automated doors offer. You won't have to open your gate physically when you want someone to enter your home.


If you'd like to learn more about the advantages of automated gates, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Maintenance-free Iron Gates

Our iron gates are built with strength and durability in mind so that you can enjoy your fencing maintenance-free for years. Our gates are coated to ensure they do not rust, even under extreme weather conditions. As time passes, you can be confident that your iron gate will continue to welcome and impress your visitors.


Keep Your Property Safe

We offer gate automation systems to help you secure your property and keep unwanted individuals out.

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