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Looking to get fencing done for your home?

Welcome to Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc in Kelowna

Since 1971, Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc has been a premier custom fence manufacturer in Kelowna and throughout western Canada, manufacturing custom fencing solutions including chain link fences, backstops for sports and recreation areas, security fencing for industrial facilities and automated gates. Our clients have recognized the strong reputation of Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc and, over the last 30 years, we have come to be known as an industry leader in securing residential, recreational, commercial and industrial properties.

Serving communities in the Okanagan Valley, we have developed a deep understanding of the fencing needs of clients in a variety of environments and industries, ranging from urban neighbourhoods to manufacturing facilities and farms. Your Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc consultant will help you identify your security needs and create an affordable and attractive fencing solution for you.

Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc will also install your fence to ensure that your fence is made to last. Safety is our primary concern. Our skilled installation crew is trained to handle the installation of all kinds of fences and automatic gates.


Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc offer a great variety of aesthetically pleasing fences that will add to your home's curb appeal—an appeal that increases the value of your home and neighbourhood—and help to give you peace-of-mind and security. We also provide fencing options for pet owners who want to ensure the security and well-being of their animals.

Our products at Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc are made to stand up to the extremes of our climate. Made of strong, durable materials, our residential fences are coated with high-quality powder coating finish or vinyl coating. You’ll find that your fence will look beautiful and provide you maintenance-free security for years to come.


Automatic Gates

Your Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc commercial or residential automatic gate will give you both added security and convenience, helping you control access to your property and giving authorized people easy, electronic entry. The security provided by an automatic gate designed and installed by Lynx Brand Fence Products (2004) Inc may also help you save money on insurance and security personnel. You will find several options in automatic gates at our Kelowna location and we will be happy to help you create a gate that meets both your security and aesthetic needs.

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