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Questions You Should Ask Your Fencing Contractor

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Hiring a fencing contractor can be a time-consuming process, particularly if you’re not familiar with fence construction. It’s an unfortunate truth that not all contractors deal honestly with their clients so you should be sure you’re getting the best service before you sign a contract.

We at Lynx Brand Fence Products recommend that everyone planning to build a commercial or residential gate or fence in Calgary, Kelowna, and Spruce Grove always get quotes from several contractors and ask these simple questions of each to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. WHERE ARE YOUR OFFICES?

Contractors that are successful and have an investment in their company’s reputation will usually have brick and mortar offices somewhere, even if they don’t often work from them. If a contractor doesn’t have an office support staff, they may not be doing all the correct work to get permits and proper insurance for their construction jobs. HAS YOUR BUSINESS ALWAYS HAD THE SAME NAME?

Businesses do sometimes change their name if they’ve merged with another company or had some other management shake-up. If, however, a business has changed its name many times, it may be trying to out-run a shady past. It’s best to do online research on a company before doing business with them to be sure they have a long history of quality work. HOW DO YOU PREFER TO HANDLE PAYMENTS?

Most construction companies that stand by their work won’t request payment in full until the job is done. If your contract is demanding more than a nominal percentage of the cost of construction up front, or if they are demanding only cash payments, that is probably a sign of trouble. Good contractors will give you several payment options. WHAT KIND OF INSURANCE DO YOU HAVE?

Although no one would like something to go wrong on the job, it does happen. A contractor that wants to stay in business for a long time will have taken precautions and gotten insurance to cover any accidents that happen on the job. If your contractor isn’t properly insured and someone is hurt on your property, you may end up being liable for damages. DO YOU PULL PERMITS?

Good contractors don’t just want your business for this job. They want your business for all the other commercial or residential gate or fence jobs you may have in the future. Be sure that your contractor is arranging the correct permits with the necessary Calgary, Kelowna, and Spruce Grove authorities. Lynx Brand Fence Products is proud of our thirty years of providing gates, chain link fences, and commercial and residential fencing services to the Calgary, Kelowna, and Spruce Grove areas. Contact us today so we can help you find the right fencing solutions for you.


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