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5 Ways Your Dog Can Escape a Dog Run or Fenced Yard

dog sitting in front of a fence

A fenced-in backyard, or one with a separate dog pen, is a great thing for pet owners to have. Afterall, it provides a secure environment for dogs to exercise, play and do their business. However, no matter what you do, some dogs are natural born escape artists. Here are some of the ways Fido may be able to get out of the run, kennel or other type of fencing on your property.

1. Climbing The holes in a chain link fence give dogs a perfect foothold for climbing. Plastic slats may help by reducing the grip your pooch will have on the fence. A coyote roller can also help. This is a PVC pipe installed along the top of a fence. When your dog reaches it, the device spins and forces the dog to fall back into its pen. 2. Jumping Big dogs can jump big fences, so be sure to install one that’s at least six feet high. If the space allows for it, you should also consider building a smaller fence a few feet from the main one. Dogs need a running start in order to clear a fence. A second fence will stop your dog from having the room he needs to get over the barrier. 3. Using a Stepping Stone Many dogs will view anything placed near a fence as a tool to view what’s happening on the other side of it. Keep planters, doghouses and anything else that could be mounted a few feet away from the fence. This way, your dog can’t use it as a stepping stone. 4. Digging Underneath Many dogs have a digging instinct. If combined with an interest in seeing the world outside of its run, you may find your pup digging holes under your fence. To solve this problem, bury planks of wood under your fence as a barrier. Or, consider getting an L-footer, a portion of wire fencing that covers the bottom part of your fence and is bent over the ground. It should extend inward for two to three feet and can be buried or simply weighed down with mulch or gravel. 5. Opening the Gate Some dogs are more clever than you think and may be able to figure out how to unlatch the gate. To prevent this, put a padlock on your fence. And sign your dog up for agility lessons because he’s a genius! Building and Installing a Fence for Your Dog If you’re in need of a safe and comfortable area for your dog to spend time, consider installing a pen, run or other type of enclosure. Lynx Brand Fence Products installs fencing in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna. Contact us today to find out more or get a free quote.


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