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How to Prevent Your Dog From Running Away


Has your dog been attempting to escape your yard? When pets run away, sometimes they don't come back. This can be devastating for the owner and traumatizing for the lost dog. If you want to prevent your dog from running away, here are a few tips.

I'm a Good Owner — Why Would My Dog Run Away?

Sometimes even the best owners have dogs that escape. There are many reasons that your dog could be trying to run away. If your dog happens to be bored in your backyard, they could try to escape for some adventure. They'll go looking for other dogs to play with or toys to entertain themselves. Dogs tend to run away if they see something they want that is more appealing. Another common reason is that your dog may be scared of something. Your yard could have an animal or something else that is leading your scared dog to seek protection. Sometimes the problems aren't your fault, but there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your dog's safety.

Make a Fun Yard

Make sure you keep lots of toys and entertainment in your yard. If your dog finds your yard appealing, it will be less likely to run away or see something better. This means having a big enough backyard so your dog can run around freely. They don't want to feel confined; make sure they have an ample amount of sturdy dog toys to play with.

Have a Safe Yard

The number one reason your dog may run away is that it's easy to escape. By installing a reliable chain link fence around your yard, you will prevent escape. Your four-legged friend can run away freely while also being safe within the confines of a fence. Chain link fences or other types of fences can also protect your dog from ferns or bushes that may have ticks. Ticks can cause Lyme disease and can be very dangerous for your dog. Keep your dog healthy and safe with pet-friendly fencing.

Give Them Adventure

Even if you have a large backyard, your dog may still want to roam outside of it for adventure. Because of this, take your dog for walks on a leash so they can get a taste of the outside world. If you do this often, they will look forward to these times with you rather than trying to escape. They will know that you will go with them for an adventure and they won't need to take it upon themselves. Even going for runs with your dog can increase their health. This will also tire them out enough where they will want to rest within the safety of their home. If you don't feel like you will have time to take them on walks, invest in a bigger backyard and install safety fencing around it.


Overall, your dog may need some obedience training to learn not to run away. Every dog is different, so it is important to figure out what your dog needs and how you can help them understand that running away is bad. You can look into professional obedience training or do it yourself and create a stronger bond with your dog.

What Now?

If your dog has been running away, don't keep waiting; take action now. If you want to keep your dog safe, contact us today to see how our fencing solutions can help!


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