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How To Increase the Security of Chain Link Fences?

chain link fence

Chain link fences are a great way to keep people out of your property, but they can be easily cut through with wire cutters. This makes security a bit of an issue, but not to worry, we've put together some tips to help. We'll show you how to make it more difficult for intruders or thieves to break into your home or business. Keep reading to learn more.

Increase the Height of Your Chain Link Fence

The taller your chain link fence ( six feet and taller), the less likely it is for someone to get in, as it will be complicated to get over without equipment. This forces burglars or thieves to go around instead of trying to break in. You can increase the height of an existing fence by adding more fence posts to the bottom of the chain-link fence.

Adding Barbed Wire to Top Off Your Fence

This will deter most people from trying to climb over your fence. You can buy the barbed wire already designed for this purpose, or you can get strips of barbed wire and put it on your fence yourself. Regardless of how you do it, adding this security will make your property more secure.

Gate Security

You need to make sure you have a very sturdy gate with a locking mechanism on the top and bottom. If you only put in a bottom lock, someone can lift it up and crawl underneath. You also need to make sure your gate closes by itself after each time you open it. This is very important because it will prevent intruders from pushing the gate open even if they manage to get over the fence. It will also limit criminals who might be trying to break into the property. Doing this will make it much harder for them to enter your property.

Adding Razor Wire Along The Fence Line

Another way to improve security it to install razor wire on top of or at the bottom of your chain link fence. Depending on how you want to use it, you can buy many different types of razor wire. It's a very effective solution and will make it more difficult for people to jump over.

Secure Your Chain Link Fences Today

The best thing about increasing the security of your chain link fences is that it won't cost a lot of money. Anyone can do it, and it will make a world of difference for you. If you are looking to install a new chain link fence or improve the security of your existing fence, give us a call. We can help you out!


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