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5 Benefits of Installing Automatic Gate

a couple sitting in their car waiting for their automatic gate to open

Whether you own a home or business, your gate is the first thing visitors will see. Why not make a great first impression? Automatic gates benefits include security, convenience, and much more. If you are considering upgrading your gate or installing a new automated fence, trust the gate experts at Lynx Brand Fence Products. Since 1971, our team has served the Kelowna, BC area and Western Canada. Read on to learn about the benefits of installing an automatic gate.

1. Privacy

Your home is your place of refuge, and privacy is part of that experience. An automatic gate protects you and your family members from the gaze of outsiders. No one will be able to access your driveway without your permission.

2. Safety

Are electric gates secure? They are when the gate experts of Lynx Brand Fence Products build them. Browse through our online gallery to see for yourself. Keeping your home from public view also makes it less of a target for would-be thieves. An automatic gate also lets you, the homeowner, control who comes and leaves. Enjoy peace of mind by installing a secure automatic gate. Gates also prevent children and pets from wandering nearby streets. A quality gate and fence combo can keep outside animals from entering your property. You can unwind at home with the assurance that your loved ones are always within the protective walls of an automatic gate.

3. Convenience

Manual gates must be physically opened. While this may not seem like a huge inconvenience, no one wants to have to step out into the rain or cold. An automatic gate protects you and your family from the elements. Simply use your card reader, remote, or keypad to access your property and never have to leave your car.

4. Higher Property Value

Are electric gates worth it? Many homeowners decide to purchase an automatic gate for aesthetic reasons. A well-made gate can boost your home's curb appeal. If you end up selling your property, you can benefit from increased property value if you have an automatic gate. Potential buyers will enjoy the functional benefits of your gate and its appearance. An automatic gate can earn you another financial benefit — lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies know that gates improve security and the safety of family members and guests.

5. Cost-Effective Upgrade for Your Home

Having a gate allows you to forgo having to hire a guard or security. Add in the lower insurance premiums and increased home value, and buying an automatic gate quickly becomes a cost-effective proposition.

Installing an Automatic Gate for Your Peace of Mind

As with any purchase, automatic gates have pros and cons, but the pros far outweigh the cons. If you are Googling "Installing an Automatic Gate," then it's time to find a trustworthy team of gate-building professionals. Lynx Brand Fence Products proudly serves Kelowna, BC, and Western Canada. We never compromise on quality or aesthetics. Contact our team to learn what Lynx Brand Fence Products can do for you.




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